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Step 2 - Sync files with the cloud

After you have installed the client on your computer, you can start by selecting the files and folders to be uploaded to our system. 

Adding folders for synchronization

To add a new folder to the cloud, drag and drop it into the client. Alternatively, you can use the "Select folder" option.

A new window appears where you can make further options:

Here you can enable end-to-end encryption by entering a password for this folder. Click OK to start the sync process. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the data, the synchronization process may take some time.

If you forget the password of an encrypted folder, the data in the cloud is no longer readable. A subsequent reset is not possible because the Your Secure Cloud servers do not know the password for these files. Because of this, no sharing links can be created for this folder, and no subfolders can be shared with individual users.

Download and synchronize an existing folder from the cloud to your computer

To download a previously uploaded folder from the cloud to a (second) computer, proceed as follows:

1. Install the client and log on with your login data. 
2. Right-click the folder in the list that you want to synchronize with your computer. Select the "Download and sync" option:

3. In the next window you can set the location for each folder  individually :

If you're synchronizing an encrypted library, you have to enter the password now.

Match an existing local folder with an existing folder from the cloud

If you have already uploaded a folder on your computer and it is no longer synchronized, you can easily restore the synchronization without having to upload everything again. With this option, you are also able to upload files with a computer, so that we can later synchronize with the cloud on a second computer that already has the same files locally on the hard disk. This saves you a lot of time and traffic.

1. To do this, install our client on the desired (second) computer, if not already done.

2. In the next step, right-click and select the option "Download and sync" from the folder, which is also present locally on your computer and should be synchronized:

3. You then have to select the option "Synchronize with existing folder":

4. Finally, select the existing folder path on your hard disk and click OK.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team or call us: +49-911 - 70 100 77-7.

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