Beitrag by Your Secure Cloud Support on 17.05.2016 23:59

How do I uninstall Your Secure Cloud (Seafile) ?

By uninstalling the application, Seafile will be removed from your computer. Thereafter, the Your Secure Cloud menu is no longer displayed and the files in your cloud folder are no longer synchronized. By simply uninstalling the Your Secure Cloud client, this will not delete your account and the files in the folders will remain on your computer and in the cloud.

1. Close Seafile in the task bar  (right click on the icon -> Exit ):

Task  / 00

2. Uninstall Seafile now as a usual software. Select " PC " and then "change and uninstall programs". ( On Macs simply delete the Seafile app) 

3. If necessary, you can now delete the cloud folder " Seafile " from your hard drive. You can find it in your user directory.

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