Beitrag by Your Secure Cloud Support on 11.03.2017 18:24

Step 3 - Configure the mobile App

With our mobile app, you can easily and securely view and manage your data on the go with your smartphone or tablet. Additional features like a Word, Exel and PowerPoint file view make it easy and convenient to work mobile with your data. With our app you also can automatically upload new images to the cloud.

1.  Download the app "Seafile Pro" from There please select your OS.

2. Now start the app and select "Other server" under "Add account". Then enter the following: 

User: Your e-mail address.

Password: The password that you set yourself!

Now click Login. (In case of error, please check the server address, especially the https: // is often forgotten. Please copy all information from your e-mail directly to the client.) Otherwise c ontact our customer support.

You have now successfully linked your device!

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