Beitrag by Your Secure Cloud Support on 22.05.2016 17:35

I have problems with the synchronization, what can I do?

It may happen that you have problems with the synchronization on your computer.

Please check the following things:
  • Standby mode - The Standby mode can Interrupting the upload process if you do not work on the computer.
  • Using a proxy server? - If you use a proxy server on your network, you have to configure this in the settings of the client manually.
  • Firewall - It is possible that Firewall systems block access to our servers. For this you should create a rule for incoming and outgoing connections on port 443 TCP to the hostname (IP:
  • Antivirus Protection - You can test a short deactivation of your antivirus program to test whether this is blocking the connection to us.

Note: If you synchronize network drives with our systems, you have the enable the option "Do not automatically unsync a library" and "Do not unsync a library when not found on the server" in the settings of the client:


If the problem still persist, please contact our support at:

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