Beitrag by Your Secure Cloud Support on 22.05.2016 17:42

How to use the selective synchronization?

With the selective synchronization on the desktop application, you can specifically choose one folder you want to sync with your computer. Using the selective synchronization, you can ensure that you only download the really needed files on your computer. This is especially handy if you want to save local storage on laptops and other devices with smaller HDD space.

First, click at the library from which you want to synchronize some files  a nd then select " Open cloud file   browser ":

Now you see the complete content of your library . With a click on the folder that should be synced , you can now use the option   " Sync this folder" :


Tip: You can also call up individual files, edit and view them with a simple double-click on the name. Any changes will also be synchronized.

After this, you have to set the download location on your local computer and the  synchronization begins:

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